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If We Were Birds

If We Were Birds

Coming in February.

If We Were Birds

From the Company that brought you the award winning productions of Voices of Vimy and Better Living comes another fearless experience, Erin Shields‘ Governor General’s Literary Award-winning If We Were Birds, directed by Jeffery Bastien.

When King Pandion marries his daughter Procne off to war hero King Tereus, she must leave her beloved sister Philomela behind. After years of isolation in a foreign land, Procne begs Tereus to collect her sister for a visit. When confronted with Philomela’s beauty, Tereus’ desire triumphs over reason, igniting a chain of horrific events. A harrowing exploration of violence and revenge, this adaptation features a chorus of ravaged women, each a survivor of a 20th century conflict: Bosnia-Herzegovina, Rwanda, Bangladesh, Nanking, and Berlin.

If We Were Birds is a shocking, uncompromising examination of the horrors of war, giving voice to a woman long ago forced into silence, and placing a spotlight on millions of female victims who have been silenced through violence. A deeply affecting and thought-provoking re-imagining of Ovid’s masterpiece Tereus, Procne and Philomela, Erin Shields’ award-winning play is an unflinching commentary on contemporary war and its aftermath delivered through the lens of Greek tragedy.

If We Were Birds will run for four weekends at Mackenzie Hall, 3277 Sandwich St W. in Old Sandwich, from Thursday February 1st to Saturday February 24th. Tickets will be $20 or $15 for students. Tickets will be available here, or by calling 519-817-9176, and at the door.

2017/2018 Season

Ghost Light Players, the company that brought you the award winning Voices of Vimy and Better Living, is proud to present a season of all Canadian productions.

The Drawer Boy September 2017

OKNO November 2017

If We Were Birds February 2018

The Real World? April 2018

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