Voices of Vimy

November 11, 12, 13 2016
The Bank Theatre and Meeting Place
November 17, 18, 19 2016
SHŌ – art spirit performance

Ghost Light Players Honoured Our Vets With Locally Written Play

Local playwright John Conlon’s Voices of Vimy, was performed by the Ghost Light Players team, at The Bank Theatre and at SHŌ – art spirit performance.

John Conlon is a local author and with this piece opens an important discussion about the effects of war on those who served – namely post traumatic stress disorder. The story also speaks to the history of Canadian heroism in times of war – in this case, The Great War.

The play, which ran at two venues, was directed by Dean Valentino, and features a stellar cast from within our community: Lucas Guignard, Jeffery Bastien, Niki Richardson, Chris Lanspeary, Mysteria Baylis-Harris, Kris Simic and Brett Hallick.

“Here, we have a great cast from an outstanding theatre group, in two perfect and intimate venues, performing a piece that is very topical, speaking about what happens to our veterans,” says director Dean Valentino. “In some cases, it’s worse than actually being in the war.”

“I am proud to be directing a piece that speaks to the core of Remembrance Day; speaks to why we wear the poppy. Not to the politics but to the soldiers who put their lives on the line.”

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