Better Living

February 2-4, 9-11, 2017
The Bank Theatre and Meeting Place

Better Living is a Canadian piece, written by George F. Walker in the late 80s. This play is the second in a series of plays called The East End plays, and all tend to feature the same characters and follow their lives and developments. In this particular place, we focus on the family surrounding Gail, the youngest of three sisters. She has just moved back home with her criminal boyfriend Junior and is trying to deal the idiosyncrasies of her mother, Nora.

Meanwhile, Gail’s sisters have come home as well, which brings so much happiness to Nora, since the disappearance of her husband. Truth is, Nora and her brother, a priest doubting his faith, Jack have attempted and possibly succeeded in killing Tom. Tom was a bully and a dictator that had a profound effect on everyone in the family.

There is also¬†Elizabeth, a former prostitute who has become a lawyer and is now focusing ¬†on politics. And then there is Maryanne the weak sister who can’t handle motherhood or marriage and has run from both.

None of this matters a whit to Nora who’s more than happy to be there to oversee and support her children.

All of that changes when Tom returns, and with him, his draconian policies.

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