About Ghost Light Players

Mission Statement

Ghost Light Players: taking their name from the Ghost Light used to keep the stage alive and honour those that were there before; and Players like those troupes of old, as they have no urge to settle in one spot, instead they keep moving and learning and discovering. Ghost Light Players engage, inspire, challenge and entertain audiences with theatrical productions that range from classical works to new productions from local playwrights and everything in between; we are supporting and promoting our current generation of artists while paving a path for future generations from within the community; we provide artistic opportunities that promote a life-long learning to a diverse community; and are constantly celebrating the essential power of the theatre to illuminate and illustrate our common humanity.  In short, creating theatre without fear!

Visions and Values


Creating productions at the highest level of artistry and professionalism, among a group of Players, Technical Workers, Volunteers, Executives striving to achieve success at an ever increasing level.

Challenging Expectations

New eyes daily: seeing what everyone sees but in new ways, new directions, new and unique perspectives to give the audience the best experience possible! Blurring the lines: syncing up and challenging each other to find the best path forward; no matter our role, there are no labels to separate us, we are all on the same team and only want the best for the company. Onwards and upwards!


We say what we mean and we do what we say. We believe in keeping our word and that a hand shake can be as trusted as any contract. We will literally meet you eye to eye and over a cup of coffee for any situation.

Atmosphere of Yes

There is no such thing as a stupid idea. Everyone has positive input that either works this time or will be used sometime in the future. Everyone has a say because everyone has a common goal and everyone shares in the success.


There are no secrets when it comes to the workings of the Company. There is no ‘because the Board says so’, or ‘because that’s what the Artistic Director wants’. This Company wasn’t built by one, it isn’t run by one, so all decisions are run past the whole. No surprises, no hidden agendas, no ulterior motives.

No Martyrs Allowed

Why take on the whole task and only get some of it done when you can share the task and get the whole thing done excellently?  Delegate the work, celebrate the successes, gain opportunities from the failures, move on to the next day. There is always more to be done and more success to share.

Always Be Learning

We don’t know everything and admitting we don’t opens us up to learning and the best way to learn is from collaboration. We will strive to always improve and always move forward by accepting the help and assistance of those who are superior to us, and, in turn, might learn something from us.